Learning English Can Be Fun

Learning a foreign language does not have to concentrate on revising vocabulary, doing grammar exercises or taking module tests. Acquiring knowledge about a foreign language can be fun and practical.

Watching films and animated movies

A perfect way to assist learning a foreign language is watching films and animated movies. Choose an adequate video which will suit your proficiency level. What seems a great idea is watching… animated movies. These short films include simple structures and vocabulary, and the voice actors speak a little more clearly than in films for adults. Finding Nemo and Ice Age are a good place to start. If your language proficiency is already a little better, you can try watching A Game of Thrones or other, more demanding, productions. Such TV series as Friends and Sex and the City are a great material to learn English. The language of these TV series is extremely simple; additionally, you have the chance to learn colloquial phrases and acquire the American sense of humour. The adventures of the six friends have become a running joke, and Joey’s “How you doin’?” is recognised by each and every one of our team.

If you are an even more proficient speaker, it is worth going a step further and turn off captions. Although doing it at the beginning may be a little difficult, with time it will become natural and your knowledge of a foreign language will improve due to the fact that you will be watching films with naturally-paced dialogues.


The greatest advantage of watching films and animations in English is that you listen to a language in a natural environment. You will see the actual use of given phrases, listen to dialogues from everyday life, which cannot be achieved in the classroom environment. It is much easier to acquire new vocabulary if it is used in context, and not learnt by heart at home. What is more, you will be listening to the native pronunciation, which is extremely important, though difficult to acquire.

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